Learning is an integral part of life at Cobham, and we strive to see each student succeed in their own ways.


Cobham offers a range of opportunities that meet our diverse students’ academic, cultural, and sporting needs interwoven with the New Zealand Curriculum, including its stated vision, principles, values and key competencies. We provide the following options to meet the diverse needs of our students:

  • Universally taught values of resilience – ngākau mārohirohi, responsiblity – ngākau whai tikanga, positivity – ngākaupai, and respectful – ngākau whakaute

  • Broad-banded classes of students with a complete range of abilities

  • The Kahikatea Programme caters for the needs of high-ability, and gifted and talented learners

  • Individual and small group learning support

  • English as a Second Language programmes

  • Mathematics extension

  • Cross-curricular concept and inquiry learning of timeless, broad, and relatable ideas.

  • Specialist technology in dedicated learning spaces:

    • Laboratory Science
    • Dance and drama
    • Hard Materials – Metal, Plastics, Glass, Wood Technology
    • Soft Materials – Fabric Technology
    • Food Technology


For more information please contact our staff using the email addresses provided.