Esports on Thurs and Fri

Morning, the following people have been included in the esports teams. The year 8s are assisting with hosting a year 5 event on Thurs. 

On Friday both yr 7 & 8 teams are competing at Breens. We will be away from 8:30 until about 12:30ish. 

Thursday hosting team

Sean Zheng  RM10B

Isaac Marchant iRM10A

Josiah Arndt jRM10B

Gordon Hu RM10A

Louis Harman 

Thomas Robinson RM 15A 

Friday Teams

Year 7’s

Team Spirit Animals

Tess room8

Elise room8

Isabella Room 8

Shree kei 5


Tony Kei 5

Abhinoor kei 5

Midas Kei 5

Harry kei 3

Support Dihela Takere 6

Year 8


Josiah 10

Isaac 10

Johnny 10

Sean 10


Gordon Hu

Alex Li

Nanji Cha

Thomas Robinson


Louis 10