Cantamath Champions Again

Melody McCombe |

October 11, 2023

This year, the Cobham Year 7 Cantamath team has had yet another outstanding success. The Cobham team, composed of James Yu, Sam Li, Evan Choi and Jamie Sun, came out on top, with Cobham getting another year with the trophy.

As the competition started, the Cobham team lined up with 90 other teams. St Andrew’s College (STAC) was leading the charge. We were immediately troubled by Question Two, which took us three tries to solve it. After Question Two, we found our momentum. Question 13 was also reasonably hard, with Evan having to run ten times until we progressed. Questions 14-17 weren’t so much of a problem, and we started thinking that we could get the trophy for Cobham again.. but that was until Question 18. This was the third hard question we encountered in the competition, and we handled this question with speed..but we still got it wrong. We soon realised that if we slowed down the pace, we could get the answer easily. After getting that question right, we went on. Question 19 was a breeze, and so was Question 20. We submitted our answer and waited until the Golden Ticket was raised. Wahoo! We all sat there, so proud. What a win!

Sam Li Team Member