Good luck to all the teams playing after school! Make sure you are always showing 3RP!

If you are not sure what team you are in, please double check the Takere 9 window! 

Here is the draw for those playing in the Gators competition:

4:45pm STAC A v Cobham Tāne Development at Middleton Grange

6:15pm STAC Blue v Cobham Tāne A at Middleton Grange

7:00pm Cobham Grizzlies v St Teresa Warriors at Middleton Grange

4:25pm Horomaka Blue v Cobham Wāhine Development at Wharenui

5:45pm 1 Cobham Wāhine A v STAC A at Wharenui

6:25pm 1 Middleton Red v Cobham Nets at Wharenui

Here is the draw for the teams playing at school in the hall is below:

3:15-3:55pm Wairarapa Cobham Warriors vWairarapa Cobham Falcons

3:55-4:35pm Wairarapa Cobham Kings v Wairarapa Cobham Timberwolves

4:35-5:15pm Wairarapa Cobham Wildcats v Wairarapa Cobham Clippers

5:15-5:55pm Wairarapa Cobham Pelicans v Wairarapa Cobham Cobras