2023 Wairarapa Cobham Intermediate was represented at the World Future Problem Solving Competition in the United States of America.

Melody McCombe |

July 17, 2023

Miranda Yuan represented Wairarapa Cobham Intermediate, and New Zealand, when she competed in Future Problem Solving.

Recently, I had the once-in-a-lifetime opportunity to travel to the United States of America for Future Problem Solving. There, we visited many famous landmarks such as Harvard University, MIT, and the Metropolitan Art Museum. I competed at UMass, Amherst, where I met many bright people from all over the world.

Future Problem Solving taught me not only several aspects of the unique topics we had to research, but also a way of thinking that I could apply to virtually anything, and I loved it for the creative thinking it allowed.

I initially joined Future Problem Solving because solving problems with futuristic ideas sounded awesome, but mostly because, to be honest, I was told that if I did well enough, I could eventually go to America, and going to America sounded fun. Look where I’m now.

I’d like to attribute most of my success to the amazing, supportive teachers here at Wairarapa Cobham who have helped me greatly along my journey. Massive thanks to all of you.

Miranda Yuan