After a week of protests, petitions and hard-fought negotiations, Mr Norgate and the student council have come to a solution for the 2019 Juicie Debate!

Last Wednesday the Cobham teachers and staff stormed the school in protest that Juicies should be banned. The protect was triggered by the amount of litter the wrappers were causing around the school. Following the protest, and fueled with rage, the students got their thinking caps on in an effort to overthrow the decision. After meeting with their classes and gathering their ideas, the student council came up with a list of ideas to put forward as possible solutions. Over the last week student council representatives Ava Strieker, Josef Thomas, Belle Rungrojthanakorn, and Takuto Takahashi have been meeting with Mr Norgate to share these ideas and come to an agreement.

The student council is proud to announce that as of today, Juicies are back on sale at the canteen for the new price of $1.50 each. The increased price of the Juicies is part of the new initiative.

The process works like this. Once students have consumed the contents of their Juicie they can return the wrapper, during lunchtime, to the window by Room 13. In return, students will be given 50 cents, bringing the price of the juicie back to the original price of one dollar.

We hope that this new system will encourage students to think about what they are doing with their rubbish and in turn will create a cleaner Cobham for everyone!

By Meagan McKinney

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