Tour de Fern

Maia Smith |

June 24, 2024

Wairarapa Cobham Students riding their way to Paris.

On Friday Wairarapa Cobham was the lucky school to be chosen to represent Christchurch in the Tour de Fern campaign. Year 8 students had a chance to jump on the bike and pedal as fast as they could through the streets of Paris. Adding to the collective distance being achieved by New Zealanders from across the country. This is part of the New Zealand Olympic Committee’s promotion for the upcoming Olympic Games next month.

The whole school was then treated to a presentation by Beau-James Wells, of the infamous Wells family located in Wanaka, a winter Olympic athlete who has represented New Zealand at two Olympics. Beau-James shared stories of the challenges he and his 3 brothers faced when working towards an Olympic campaign. He talked about the Olympic values of Excellence, Respect and Friendship and the importance of selecting a good role model.

Cobham has a couple of former students heading to this years games, and who knows.. there may have been a couple of future Olympians in the audience on Friday.