Watch for the notices this week for events and competitions you can enter! Also, learn “Kei te pehea koe” and a range of answers as Miss McGregor, our Māori leaders and other staff will be out on duty and if you can answer with something other than “Kei te pai”, you will get a lolly!

Possible Answers…

Kei te harikoa ahau (I am happy)

Kei te pouri ahau (I am sad)

Kei te hiakai ahau (I am hungry)

Kei te ngenge ahau (I am tired)

Kei te hiainu ahau (I am thirsty)

Kei te mauiui ahau (I am sick)

Here is a link to a quizlet where you can learn even more!! Get practising!!

By Raegan McGregor

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