We take pride in the amount of support available to students at Cobham. We believe for our students to succeed, they should have the structures in place to provide support when they need it.

At Cobham we work actively to provide in depth professional support and guidance to students, parents, caregivers and whānau to ensure the learning needs of all students are addressed. Students with specific learning needs are identified and carefully placed in appropriate groupings.

The head of learning support (SENCO) works collaboratively and guides staff and a team of teacher aides to coordinate an appropriate level of support across all learning areas. Team members work with small withdrawal groups of students and in classes providing support for both individuals or groups of students.

If you need assistance with transitioning your child to Cobham, or would like to know how we can cater for a range of learners, please contact Annie Bowker

We provide:

  • Specialised programmes in areas of literacy and numeracy
  • Small class sizes, less than 10, for students who attend Learning Support
  • Access to outside agencies- the SENCO coordinates the help and expertise of outside providers to provide support and assistance in specific areas.
  • RTLB services
  • Youth workers 24/7
  • Pastoral Care- a team including the SENCO, RTLB, Public Health Nurse and Mana Ake
  • A range of digital technologies to assist with learning

The following support programmes are in place:

  • Awareness, visual discrimination, visual and auditory memory and tracking
  • Agility with Sound (AWS) offered to support students to develop reading skills
  • Reciprocal Reading groups- designed to help students with reading comprehension skills
  • Assistance in technology classes
  • Transitions to high school
  • Reader-writers for formal assessment
  • Dyslexia support
  • ALL writing (Accelerated Learning in Literacy)
  • ALiM maths (Accelerated Learning in Mathematics)
  • Teacher aides in classrooms to support student inclusion and engagement

Link with RTLB

Cobham works closely with the Resource Teachers of Learning and Behaviour (RTLB) Service. These specialist teachers work with staff and students to supplement the resources the school has available. Find out more about the role of the RTLB service in the video below .

You are invited to contact the SENCO (Special Education Needs Coordinator) if you have any queries.

Cobham has implemented a PB4L Behaviour Management system. Our school values are to be Respectful, Responsible, Resilient and Positive (3RP@C).

Gotcha Tickets

Gotcha tickets are given out by teachers to positively reinforce good behaviour.

Gotchas are designed to be ‘free and frequent.’ That means they are given out often and for a specific reason relating to 3RP@C. For example, “ Thank you for respecting our environment and picking up rubbish.”

Gotchas are recorded on a list in each classroom and a class representative is responsible for entering these onto a school-wide recording system. Students are also responsible for recording their own Gotchas each week as well as all extra-curricular activities that they are involved in. This is because a number of Gotchas are given for a positive contribution to Cobham (e.g. representing Cobham at an event = 25 Gotchas).

Once certain numbers of Gotchas have been earned then students will receive a badge to acknowledge their demonstration of the 3RP@C values:

  • 100 Gotchas will earn a certificate
  • 300 Gotchas will earn a Bronze badge
  • 600 Gotchas will earn a Silver badge
  • 800 Gotchas will earn a Gold badge
  • 1000 Gotchas will earn a Platinum Black badge
  • 2000 Gotchas will earn a Double Platinum badge and the student’s name will be engraved on the Honours Board in the office.

Each Gotcha ticket earns one house point and also one entry into a prize draw. Small prize draws take place each week at assembly and prizes include things such as juicies, canteen vouchers, mufti days and lunches. A major prize draw happens at the end of every term and prizes such as Westfield vouchers are up for grabs.