See meetings and rehearsals below!

Monday 12 August –  12:30 All cast, sound and lighting crew and backstage crew – Meet Miss Chilvers with a highlighter in Room 1 to go through the NEW REHEARSAL SCHEDULE! I realise that some classes are away on a trip. I will catch up with you all tomorrow! 

Tuesday 13 August – No rehearsal

Wednesday 14 August – 12:30 ‘Steak’ with Mrs S  – Steak dancers only in HWS   Alex not needed.  SOUND – Sophie and Nick

Thursday 15 August 12:30 Pg 38-41 with Miss Mandy in Room 1 -Alex, Marty, Melman, Gloria, Mason, Penguins, Ship’s captain

Pg 57-61 with Miss Mandy in Room 1 – King, Maurice, Lead Lemurs/Mort, Alex, Melman, Marty, Gloria

Friday 16 August – 12:30 ‘Steak’ with Mrs S – Steak dancers only in HWS Alex not needed. SOUND: Toby and Michael

Sunday 18 August – SOUND Toby and Michael 

10:00-11:30 – ‘I like to move it’ – Mrs S – Alex/Marty/Melman/ Gloria/King/Maurice/Lead Lemurs/Mort and All Lemurs

11:45-1:00 – ‘Living in Paradise’ – Mrs S – same characters as above

1:30-3:30pm ALL CAST required. Please arrive at 1:25pm by the lastest so that we are ready to start at 1:30pm

By Philippa Chilvers

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