Meet Our Team

Our talented staff and I are committed to doing the very best we can for all students in our school, with an unconditional focus on the growth, progress and high educational achievement of each and every unique student. This is the talented and committed team that makes it happen.

Leadership Team

Mr Eddie Norgate

Mr Peter Fowler
Deputy Principal

Miss Natalie Dirkze
Deputy Principal

Teachers 2020

Ms Charlotte Lamb
Room 1

Miss Philippa Chilvers
Room 2

Miss Treena Kennedy
Room 3

Mrs Kylie Meyer 
Room 4

Mrs Michelle Hetherington
Room 4

Miss Carly Lawton
Room 5

Mr Steven Morgan
Room 6

Mr Shane Barr
Room 11

Mr Chris Gaut
Room 12

Miss Meagan McKinney
Room 13

Mr Shane Ripley
Room 14

Mr Brent Jackson
Room 15

Miss Tori Wilby
Room 16

Mr Sebastian John
Room 17

Ms Melody McCombe
Room 18

Mr Tom Mould
Room 19

Miss Sophie Crawford
Room 20

Miss Courtney Ross
Room 21

Miss Sharlene Rangi-Brown
Room 21

Miss Isabelle Gaines
Room 22

Miss Rachael Cooper
Room 23

Mrs Holly Smitheram
Room 24

Mrs Jude Murray
Room 24

Miss Rebecca Waters
Room 25

Miss Nadia Van Vliet
Room 26

Ms Lucy Te Moananui
Room 27

Miss Hannah Langley
Room 28

Mr John van den Brink 
Room 30

Mrs Louisa Stewart
Room 30

Specialist Teachers

Mrs Ann Lane
Food Technology

Mrs Pauline Smythe
Fabric Technology

Ms Jacinta Burton


Mr Tony Lane
Digital Technology

Mr Brian McKee
Hard Materials Technology

Mrs Holly Smitheram
Performing Arts

Mrs Katie Washington
Performing Arts

Ms Di Bishop

Mrs Annie Bowker
Learning Support

Miss Courtney Ross
Sport Coordinator

Administration & Support Team

Mrs Christine Lambie
Principal’s PA

Miss Jo McGregor
Secretary/Finance Officer

Mrs Jane Crouch

Jo Fogarty
International Student Director

Ms Marg Flyvbjerg

Phone:  021 09030244

Mrs Sue Lawson
Teacher Aide

Mrs Fiona Key
Teacher Aide

Mrs Anne Gregory-Hunt
Teacher Aide

Ms Melinda Dunstan
Teacher Aide

Molly Mazey-Richardson
Teacher Aide

Mrs Shelly Thomas 
Teacher Aide

Mrs Julie Lindsay
Teacher Aide

Kate Wood
Teacher Aide

Jo Robertson
Teacher Aide

Ms Kelly Lodge 
Canteen Manager

Mr Ian Sutherland

Mr Mike Small

Mr Mal Payne