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Community is an important part of the Cobham way, and our Board of Trustees  ensure the smooth running of our school. Find out more information about this group below.


Board of Trustees 




Strategic Plan  


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BoT Members

Members of the Board will:

  • Ensure that the needs of the students and their learning are given full consideration when planning, resourcing and implementing the school’s curriculum.
  • Ensure that all students are provided with an education which respects their individuality and which challenges them to reach the highest standards of personal achievement.
  • Serve their school and their community to the best of their ability and be honest, reliable, trustworthy, loyal and fair.
  • Act with fairness and integrity in all matters concerning staff, the principal, parents and students.
  • Maintain the confidentiality and trust vested in them.
  • Ensure strict confidentiality of papers and information related to the Board’s position as employer.
  • Ensure that individual trustees do not act independently of the Board and its decisions.
  • Accept that the Principal is the professional leader of the school who is responsible to the Board.

Craig Latimer (Board Chair)

Craig grew up in Christchurch attending Burnside Primary and Cobham Intermediate Schools. He is married to Kirstine with two children Blake and Scarlett.

Craig has a commerce degree from the University of Canterbury, is a member of the Institute of Directors’ and a current serving board member of the Christchurch Employers’ Chamber of Commerce. Craig’s day job is working for New Zealand Trade and Enterprise, helping to grow Canterbury’s international economy.

He is passionate about his kids and looks forward to helping the board and the dedicated Cobham team to plan and deliver their strategy ‘Achieving for Life’ for all Cobham students.

Craig Matheson

Craig Matheson is a co-opted member of the board. Craig has a background in property, finance, governance and health and safety, as well as being a recent Cobham basketball coach.

Benjamin Scott

Ben is Canterbury born, raised and educated, and works as a Consulting Civil Engineer for Beca here in Christchurch. He is married to Kate and they have two children Cameron and Emma. Emma is currently in year 7 at Cobham, and Cameron finished there in 2018.  

As a consulting engineer, Ben has experience in designing and delivering a wide range of civil infrastructure projects. Heading overseas in 1999 he worked for four years in the UK where he met Kate and they  moved to Cape Town, South Africa where they spent 10 years. Returning to Christchurch in 2012, Ben has been designing and delivering a wide range of civil infrastructure projects in Christchurch and Canterbury. This experience will be useful to Cobham as the school moves into the rebuild phase.

Ben’s interests outside of work include skiing, jet boating, mountain biking and fishing as well as the involvement in the normal school routine of sports and cultural activities that a busy family has.  As a family they enjoy being outdoors in nature as well as regular trips back to South Africa.

Cobham staff

Glenys Williams

Glenys is married to Clinton and they have two children, Elise and Lucas. Both children attended Cobham Intermediate between 2017-2021. Glenys has 20 years of primary teaching and school leadership experience with her most recent positions being Acting Principal and Associate Principal at Fendalton Open-air School in 2016.

She is currently employed as Chief Operating Officer at the Christchurch-based education software company Linc Technologies, which offers schools the student management and learning platform called Hero. As the COO, Glenys leads a team who works with schools across New Zealand, supporting leaders with strategic planning, digitally sharing learning, tracking progress, and reporting to Boards of Trustees.

In her role as a school trustee, Glenys enjoys supporting Cobham Intermediate to maintain academic success and provide a wide range of opportunities, so all students receive a quality education, are prepared for high school, and develop the skills they need to achieve their full potential.

Tara Allardyce

Tara grew up in a rural village in North Canterbury and went to a little country school. It wasn’t until high school that she came to the “Big Smoke”. There were many wonderful things about a country education but the downside was missing out on the opportunities that an Intermediate, like Cobham, offers. It’s been very exciting for Tara to see how her first son has matured and been challenged since he started at Cobham. She has another son who will be coming to Cobham in a few years’ time. So, Tara has a short-term and longer-term interest in this school, how it runs and what it strives for.

Tara survived the transition to high school and went on to university at Canterbury and Lincoln. She emerged with a law degree and an environmental degree. She’s worked as a lawyer in the UK and NZ. These days she is a lawyer for the Department of Conservation. It offers the perfect mix (for Tara) of environmental issues, governance and supporting good decision making. Tara also volunteers as a youth leader for St John Cadets and was previously the Chair of the Waimairi Toy Library.

When Tara isn’t offering her “Mum Taxi” services she tries to get out and try new things with her friends and family. This has led to bouts of bee-keeping, learning to sail, fixing up old furniture, rogaining and running a marathon (slowly and painfully!).

Tara was asked to support the Board of Trustees at Cobham as a co-opted member with H&S, governance and legal experience. She’s delighted to pitch in.

Joe Pearce

Joe has three children, two who are at Cobham Intermediate in 2022 and one who will be attending in coming years. With a long-term interest in the school, Joe is keen to support Eddie and the team to achieve their goals and support the Cobham values.

Having been active in the Canterbury earthquake recovery in the insurance sector, Joe is now working as a Public Servant in business continuity and emergency management. With a good understanding of policy, risk and health and safety management, Joe is looking forward to supporting Cobham staff and students to continue to be resilient and adapt to our ever-changing environment.

Cobham staff

Eddie Norgate (Principal)

Eddie has been the Principal of Cobham since October 2016 and prior to this was Principal at Diamond Harbour School for 6 years. Prior to Eddie’s principalships he taught Year 7 and 8 students in both the intermediate and full primary systems. His time in different school settings and time as a Year 7 & 8 teacher give him a clear understanding of what quality Year 7 & 8 education looks like.

Eddie has been on various school BOTs since 2004 firstly as a staff representative, obviously as Principal, and he also sits on another BoT as a Ministerial Appointee.

BoT Information

The Board of Trustees is entrusted to provide governance of the school on behalf of the stakeholders. Stakeholders include school students, their families, teachers and staff and the school community. Contact email: bot@cobham.school.nz

The Board of Trustees (Board) comprises Trustees who are elected or appointed to the Board.

The Board is entrusted to provide governance of the school on behalf of the stakeholders. Stakeholders include school students, their families, teachers and staff and the school community.

Governance is the high level control of the school to ensure future performance and current compliance.

The Board provides strategic leadership rather than operational management. The Board’s role is to set plans and strategies that will enable the school to “enhance student achievement” and at the same time ensure Cobham Intermediate School complies with legal and policy requirements.

Governance is about leadership through a defined and balanced interaction between the Board and management. Trustees have a duty to know what their role and responsibilities are in the organisation. It is important that the board does not become involved in managing the organisation. The Board need to have the flexibility within the governance framework to respond to student needs.

The Principal is responsible for the day-to-day management of the School on behalf of the Board. The Principal has a key role in working with the Board to implement Board approved strategy and through informing that strategy by providing high quality, relevant and comprehensive information on student learning and achievement and key issues that are affecting the School.

The Principal provides leadership to teachers and staff within Cobham Intermediate School to build an environment that encourages learning and achievement.

The Principal is also a voting member of the Board of Trustees and contributes to Board decisions, except for matters relating to his or her appointment or where he/she is otherwise conflicted.

Strategic Plan

The BoT and school are proud of the school’s strategic plan. Sitting underneath the Achieving for Life Motto are six pillars that guide the school. Each pillar has clear expectations for teachers, it details what students can expect and also gives markers of success. View our Strategic Plan here.