National Young Leaders Day 2021

On Tuesday 1st of June, a number of our school leaders attended the National Young Leaders Day (NYLD) at The Christchurch Town Hall. Read below to find out more about what went on!

The 2021 National Young Leaders Day has arrived!

The topic of the day was, ‘Ehara taku toa i te toa takitahi engari he toa takitini – My strength is not due to me alone, but due to the strength of many.’

While at the conference we heard from many inspirational voices who were speaking from experience to help us become the future leaders of New Zealand. Some of the speakers included Cam Calkoen, Brooke Neal, and Shay Wright. We also heard from Benny Tipene who even performed a free concert for us! The key message for the day is that we are stronger together and we were encouraged to be kind to one another which is a takeaway message that we can all strive to achieve.

It was a fun-packed day with many other schools from all over the South Island and we now have a range of new knowledge to take back and help us to be better leaders!