Cobham School Band

Preparing for life through music!

Cobham Intermediate is renowned for the opportunities provided to students. Along with a myriad of academic, sporting, and cultural opportunities, it is highly regarded for the excellent quality music opportunities it offers. The school band is one of such opportunities that is highly sought after. It is an avenue for singers/vocalists and musicians such as guitarists, drummers, keyboardists and other instrumentalists, to learn to express themselves while constantly building on their existing skills.

Music, in the context of a band, is an art in itself. Especially at this intermediate level, where the challenges are numerous and most of them have nothing to do with music. Being able to express one’s artistic talent while also learning life-long skills via music is something our students learn when they are in the band. So, along with learning new skills and honing their existing musical skills, the students learn how to work democratically for a common purpose and have lots of fun along the way. Within the context of the band are embedded the opportunities to demonstrate leadership skills and also learn soft skills such as time-management, punctuality, organisation, and communication. The most important skill they learn is about being professional.

At the start of every year, auditions are conducted to find the best-of-the-best singers and musicians via two rounds of auditions. This process ensures that a degree of consistency is maintained through round two. Once the singers and musicians are selected, the pool of talent dictates whether the band will be a pop or rock band or something in between. Band rehearsals happen every Tuesday morning from 8:40 am onwards. The band members, however, are encouraged to come earlier to set up the gear and have a soundcheck before getting into it. At the start, a lot of consideration goes into the song selection process as it has to utilise and highlight the talents and the skill-set while showcasing what the band can do together while performing the selected songs. The band members reflect the school values of 3RP@C at every step of the musical journey.

This year we have three bands, including a jazz band and a band run by a parent-helper. Along with performing at the assemblies or other in-school opportunities, the highlight for each of the musicians in the band every year is to compete at the Rockshop organised battle-of-the-band competition called BANDQUEST. Over the years, Cobham has won many accolades such as best vocalist (multiple times), best drummer, best guitarist, best bass player, and other prizes including featuring in the top three. Last year, not only did Cobham come second but we also won the best original song and best guitarist prize!

The 2021 Cobham band is: Vocals: Al (Yr8), Jess (Yr8) & Ari (Yr7), Drums: Wonu (Yr8), Guitars: Mason (Yr8), Adi (Yr7), Keyboards: Benji (Yr8) and Bass: Christine (Yr8)

Currently, the band is preparing for the upcoming BANDQUEST competition to be held at the Haeata Community Campus on Wednesday, 25th of August, 2021. You are invited to come and watch a fabulous evening of live music while supporting our school and home-grown talent!