2020 House Captains

Introducing the 2020 Cobham House Captains.

One of the many traditions at Cobham is the House Competition. At Cobham, we have six different houses and within these houses, the students are mixed up from across the school. Throughout the year there are a number of different house events, where students engage in fierce competition and step outside their comfort zones while working with other students from across our school. In order for all of these wonderful events to take place, we have 12 House Captains who work busily behind the scenes. During term one, Cobham held our House Captain elections and we are delighted to share with you our 12 House Captains for 2020. A huge congratulations to the following people for achieving this leadership role within our school.

Rory Forsyth (Room 16) – Ashley House Captain

Bonnie Gallagher (Room 15) – Ashley Deputy House Captain

Maggie Smith (Room 14) – Avon House Captain

Meg Cattermole (Room 26) – Avon Deputy House Captain

Kate Simcock (Room 13) – Heathcote House Captain

Alex Johnston (Room 16) – Heathcote Deputy House Captain

Abbie Maye (Room 26) – Rakaia House Captain

Darcy Hollis (Room 16) – Rakaia Deputy House Captain

Katie Horton (Room 15) – Selwyn House Captain

Kayleigh Wheeler (Room 26) – Selwyn Deputy House Captain

Penny Dai (Room 25) – Waimakariri House Captain

Ava Strieker (Room 17) – Waimakariri Deputy House Captain