Week 8, Term 3, 2019

Kia Ora, Talofa Lava and warm greetings,

Last Friday we hosted three guest speakers under the theme of ‘Know your Power”.  The morning was another part of our term concept on Power.  Our speakers Emma Robertson from Attitude, Isaac Giesen and Gary Endacott all had interesting stories to share about their journeys and their learnings.  Emma reinforced concepts around having a plan, Isaac shared his learnings from rowing single handed across the Atlantic and Gary was able to share how he has overcome cerebral palsy to achieve numerous feats like completing the New York marathon four times and climbing Mount Kilimanjaro.  We do hope each student was able to take some key messages from the morning seminar.

I have been lucky enough to spend the last four days with the AIMS Games team in Tauranga. The team are doing very well, though a little tired. There is a good vibe amongst the group, with comradery built through supporting other teams at the games and the comradery is definitely increased with the compact sleeping spaces for the girls and the boys. The sleeping area for the girls is stereotypically much cleaner and is odour free – the same can’t be said for the boys’ sleeping area!! The overall accommodation at Hei Marae is ideal for the group and being together as a team makes the week all that more memorable for our students.

The teams and individuals are doing well and they all have good stories to tell about tournament play.  There will be some teams and individuals playing for medals on Friday.  At the time of writing this, we have three teams that will be featuring in medal games – our table tennis team, girls’ basketball, and also the girls’ hockey team.  We also have a rock climber in a medal competition this afternoon.  Results and live streams are accessible through the AIMS Games website.

I must make mention of Hanna Abdou and her outstanding efforts in Tauranga.  Hanna entered 7 swimming events and remarkably won gold in every single event!!  She broke two AIMS Games records and was not far away from a New Zealand record in the 200m freestyle. The feat is even more remarkable as the swim meet is not well structured as Hana had to swim all of her finals in a 2 hour period. To operate at such a high level against New Zealand’s best swimmers was just amazing. Not surprisingly, she was awarded best overall swimmer of the meet.

Not long to the production! Rehearsals are intensifying as we close in on the business end of the preparation phase. This Sunday is our first full rehearsal with all of the bells and whistles. Thank you to parents who have been ferrying students to rehearsals and for encouraging students to rehearse at home. Every little bit of time and guidance helps.

Please remember to purchase your tickets for Madagascar. From previous productions, we know that tickets, particularly for the latter part of the week, become scarce. Tickets can be purchased via this link.

Search those bags, under the beds and in the back of the wardrobes for sunhats. These are compulsory for term 4 and we expect students to wear these whilst playing outside.

I wish all those students performing at the Cultural Festival all the best for our performance this evening.

Have a good week. 

By Christine Lambie

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