Week 2, Term 3, 2019

Kia Ora, Talofa Lava and warm greetings,

Welcome to term 3 and a special welcome to all of our new families.

Our term has started with fervour, urgency and robust debate. I’m sure by now, news of the great Juicie protest has made it home to parents and families.  Stories of unruly teachers chanting, blowing whistles, hanging off placards, singing protest songs and trying to coerce unsuspecting students away from the much loved Juicie, have been shared, or even embellished at home. It was a memorable day last Wednesday.

Two positive results of the teacher protests have been students learning and understanding the process that needs to be followed to make a change and secondly, the idea that the students have developed to reduce the rubbish created by the Juicies. An unintended outcome has been students scurrying around bushes in search of Juicie wrappers to redeem for cash! Whilst we have not entirely rid the school of plastic, we believe it will be much more contained.

Obviously, one of the underlying concepts is for students to appreciate this term, through their Concept work on Power, is democratic process and the many nuances of democracy. The real-life impact on students, in the early part of this term, has made the learning meaningful. From placards to petitions, to a black market, to the conversations at home, the learning has been unique. I think Juicies and wifi carry a similar currency with students!

Tomorrow the students will all learn about another form of protest, peaceful resistance. We have a visiting speaker from New Plymouth who will share the story of Parihaka at assembly.

During the holidays, 12 students and two teachers travelled to China on the second of our Panda camps. The group spent 10 days in China visiting numerous tourist attractions in Beijing, they had time in a Chinese school and were able to experience many aspects of Chinese culture and history. A memorable learning experience for all and moving forward we do hope that we can offer similar experiences each and every year.

We know that a number of our students walk through Jellie Park home each day and or use the playground opposite Cobham as a collection point. We applaud collection away from our main gate but need to reiterate that our staff patrols at the crossing and on the front gate are finished by 3:20 pm so scanning of the playground areas also ceases at this time. A reminder that all students are asked to leave our school grounds soon after the bell at 3 pm, as a school we cannot supervise students after 3:20 pm.

We will be reminding the students of the uniform expectations in the coming week or so. Please remind your child about wearing our uniform correctly.

Just a reminder to all families and associates of Cobham that our enrolments for 2020 close on Friday 30 of August. To avoid disappointment, please encourage all to submit their applications prior to this date.

Enjoy the week.

Ngā mihi nui,

By Christine Lambie

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