On Wednesday 6th November our team of Year 7 scientists competed in the 2019 Christ’s College Year 7 Science Competition. This annual competition is open to schools in Christchurch. Congratulations to our winning team; Jaeger Pryce Room 11, Daniel Officer Room 12, Elisabeth Cox 12 and Vaibhavi Patel Room 17.

 The team faced three lab challenges and have thirty minutes to complete the task. Points are awarded not only for the correct scientific answers, but methodology ( working like a scientist), and teamwork.

The first lab was Chemistry and the team had to use a range of scientific testing methods to identify unknown chemicals. In Biology, the task was to compare the evidence gathered at the scene with that from the suspects and determine which suspect was guilty of a crime committed in the biology department. Someone had kidnapped the pet rabbit, Rata. The final lab was Physics and after setting up their investigation and recording data on a graph they were required to find the weight of an unknown object based on the stretch of a rubber band and known weights.

The students have proudly come back to Cobham with a trophy, a wonderful reference book, and a selection of science equipment for the lab. In addition, each student received a personal power supply pack.

Annie Bowker

Science Curriculum Leader

By Annie Bowker

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