The chocolate bars are flying out the door! Keep up the great work. If you no longer wish to sell your box, please bring it back asap, as we have a long waiting list of students who would like another box to sell. Don’t forget the exciting prizes up for grabs…. Top seller individual in Year 7 – $100 Westfield voucher, top seller individual in Year 8 – $100 Westfield voucher, highest earning class – $5 canteen voucher for every student who sells or donates and a mufti day for the class. The first class that sells at least one box of chocolate bars or makes a donation for every student participating will receive a pizza lunch shout. The bonus prize is that every student who returns their money for a full box of chocolates sold by Friday 31st March, gets a free Juicy voucher to redeem at the canteen! Get those unwanted boxes back into your teacher, or to the parents on Friday morning. Happy selling!!