Canterbury Kids’ Lit Quiz

Annie Bowker |

September 30, 2022

Finally, after the initial term one date was affected by COVID, the Kids’ Lit Quiz competition was held on September 27th at Tūranga, our Christchurch Public Library.

This year 38 teams competed in the 10 categories in which each had 10 questions. Teams do not know these until the day and prior to Round 1, they select a category to double their points on. This year the categories were: Armies, Beginnings, Brothers and Sisters, Doctors and Nurses, Ducks, Hybrid Creatures, Māori, Poisonings, Riddles and The Senses. There is never any way that teams can predict and prepare for categories prior to the competition and it all comes down to the team members reading widely and across a range of fiction. A knowledge of traditional tales, myths and legends, poetry, authors and illustrators is an advantage.

Congratulations to the Cobham 2 team of Miranda Yuan, Rosie Allen, Thomas Oglivie and Isaac Marchant who were placed 2nd with a score of 80. This was a close 1 point behind the winning team. The Cobham 1 team of Melissa Campbell, Ethan Wong, Ruby Mitchell and Sam Overend were placed 4th with a total score of 77.