Over two Wednesday afternoons, the Burnside Enviro Club helped us to build three raised beds from pallets.

This now means we have nine raised beds. Currently, we have lettuces, silverbeet, strawberries, rhubarb and a small collection of herbs growing.

In the next few weeks, we will be planting early potatoes in one of our beds. In addition, we are going to experiment by growing potatoes the lazy way which means we will not dig a trench but put the tubers on the ground and cover them with hay. We are also going to have a competition where each of us will grow potatoes in a bucket.

One of our other responsibilities is to look after the worm farm. This means we feed the worms, collect the worm tea and sometimes we dampen the old duvet cover. The worm tea is then used to fertilise our garden plants and the herbs and lemon tree outside of the Food Tech room.

Earlier in the term, we pruned and shaped our fruit trees which grow in a small orchard at the end of Room 26.

Thank you, Burnside for coming over and helping to build the raised beds so we can grow more vegetables. 

By Annie Bowker

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